The benefits and the outcomes for the members:

The scholarly research institutions, societies, corporations, sponsoring bodies are encouraged to become members of Ross Memberships Program. Ross Memberships program offers support open access scholarly publishing and members will receive huge discounts on Article Processing Charges.

Institutional Membership:
  • The Membership fee will be due upon acceptance of the first article submitted by the researchers affiliated to the member institution.
  • Institutional Membership is useful for scholarly research institutions/societies, corporations, sponsoring bodies who publish/want to publish in Ross Science journals.
  • Article Processing Charges (APC) will be deducted from the prepaid membership fee upon each publication.
  • There will be no hidden costs and no joining fee for Ross Science.
  • Credits will be carried over until it is used up by publication fees from year to year.
  • Credits are neither transferrable among the members nor sponsored to any individual outside the institution.
  • Quarterly each member institution will receive the credit statement which will provide details about the remaining balance the credits. This will also help authors to plan their schedule for publications.
  • Membership fee is an advance of the APC which cannot be refunded and can only be consumed upon each publication, from the member institution, with Ross Science.
  • There is a minimum membership fee of $ 2500.
  • If your institution is interested in becoming a member of Ross Science, then please contact us at

Institutional Membership Fee after Discounted APC (US$) Credits sufficient for Articles
$ 2500 10 Articles
$ 5000 50 Articles
$ 7500 100 Articles
$ 10000 250 Articles
$ 12500 500 Articles
$ 15000 1000 Articles

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