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Open Journal of Pharmacology

ISSN: 2075-910X
Volume 3, 2017

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OPEN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY is a scholarly journal that is available online to the reader "free of charge", the journal primarily based on the peer-reviewed open access mode of publication. Journal committed to the rapid publication processing of original research articles, reviews, and letters in all sub-fields of pharmacology. The journal publishes articles describing important developments within the field that are of interest for the global scientific community.

OPEN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY intends to provide a platform for consistent, authentic and updated scientific information for free which is rapidly made available for online viewing publically.

Recently Published Articles:

Inhibitors of efflux pumps of Gram-negative bacteria inhibit Quorum Sensing
Leonard Amaral, Joseph Molnar
Open Journal of Pharmacology, 2012, 2-2 [Published Date: 16th July, 2012]
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The Evolution of Antimycobacterial Agents from Non-Antibiotics
Mark Wainwright, Leonard Amaral, Jette E. Kristiansen
Open Journal of Pharmacology, 2012, 2-1 [Published Date: 9th March, 2012]
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