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Open Journal of Hematology

ISSN: 2075-907X
Volume 8, 2017

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Published Contents of Volume 8, Year 2017

Incompatible blood transfusion in children in Burkina Faso
Eléonore Kafando, Lady Rosny Wandji Nana, Yacouba Domo, Yacouba Nébié, Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah, Jacques Simporé
Open Journal of Hematology, 2017, 8-1 [Published Date: 23rd January, 2017]
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Genomic markers associated with insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans: A review.
Crystal Heath Dodson, Lisa Maness
Open Journal of Hematology, 2017, 8-2 [Published Date: 2nd March, 2017]
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De novo Extramedullary myeloid tumors and chronic myeloid leukemia at chronic phase on a Congolese patient
Lydie Ocini Ngolet, Alain Gaulier, Firmine Olivia Galiba Atipo Tsiba, Antoine Martin, Okouango Guelongo Ova JD, Elira Dokekias A
Open Journal of Hematology, 2017, 8-3 [Published Date: 1st April, 2017]
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Discontinuation of imatinib after long term complete molecular response in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia diagnosed at late chronic phase
Lydie Ocini Ngolet, Elira Dokekias A
Open Journal of Hematology, 2017, 8-4 [Published Date: 15th July, 2017]
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