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Open Journal of Hematology

ISSN: 2075-907X
Volume 8, 2017

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Published Contents of Volume 4, Year 2013

Orthopaedic Status and Surgical Needs of Patients with Haemophilia in Algeria
Yasmina Berkouk-Redjimi, Yasmina Ouarlent, Selma Hamdi, Hadj Touhami, Naima Mesli, Fatiha Grifi, Zahia Zouaoui, Meriem Belhani
Open Journal of Hematology, 2013, 4-1 [Published Date: 22nd January, 2013]
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B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Associated with t(8;22)(p11.2q11.2): Role of Additional Cytogenetic Anomalies
Kate M. Serdy, Shireen R. Khoury, Louis DePalma
Open Journal of Hematology, 2013, 4-2 [Published Date: 26th June, 2013]
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